Volsanger - Here all WeekUTube

Well my name's Vollsanger and my story's seldom told
Though I've sung of other heroes of the great things they have done - or at least they claim to..
I play requests - Just the ones that got two chords in and I disregard the rest
Cromwell and Froat say I could be the best

Well I left the Skadi Mountains in the Spring of 1105
Joined this band of factions, in the quiet of the Crimson Moon, a Tavern there
Laying Low, seeking out the finest wenches and pullingÖ.. pints of beer
And helping out the Widow - have no fear

Iím Here all Week!! (Oh No!)
You may be passing through
I'm here all week
My name it is Vollsanger
I'm here all week

Asking only for a copper I will sing your favourite song
Or you give me a silver and I travel quietly on Ė itís very simple
Listen to me!! - for a gold or two Iíll write your song - you'll go down in history
Well, they're all dead now - but that's nothing to do with me !!

Iím Here all Week!!
You may be passing through
I'm here all week
And I write the greatest songs
I'm here all week

I was singing "You bring the Mead" - well I clean forgot the words
So I sang the introduction - twice as loud and in reverse and no-one noticed
I laughed for hours - the tears ran down my trouser legs I thought I'd wet my drawers
Thereís no escape - and there is no Sanity Claus

In the tavern stands Vollsanger he's a Singer by his trade
And he carries the reminders of every Song he's written of every hero, and their shades, they begin to speak
And they say "His nameís Vollsanger and guess what? -
(He's here all week)"

Iím Here all Week!! (oh No!)
You may just be passing through
Iím here all week
My name it is Vollsanger Ė
Iím here all week

(And Iím really not a Geek !! Iím here all week!!)


Original Tune : Paul Simon - the Boxer
words and arrangement
- Vollsanger





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