The Valkyrie


Alone by the fire, a warrior I knew
Told me this tale, and I pray it is true.

From far Ansteorra our dragon-ship came
To fight for good Halidar on Lilied plain
My sword I had lent seeking honor and fame
Or Odin's great hall in the fray
We charged into battle, the sun beating high
Our battle-horns sounding a victory nigh
Our spears crossed their arrows like hawks in the sky
Leaving many men dead on the way

Sing me no songs of angels I pray,
For a Valkyrie found me in battle that day.

The battle was long and the sun was like fire
The heat drove us down like a funeral pyre
Though many I'd slain, now my bloodlust did tire
Struck down by the heat of the day
The battle moved onward from where I was laid
I drew of my helmet to rest in the shade
When a soft even tread, like the wind in a glade
Brought a daughter of Asgard my way

Sing me no songs…

She gave me cool drink 'till my wits came again
Be fore I could speak she was gone like the wind
Had I but died, I could follow her then
But I lay with the living that day
Long I did search, a full year I have mourned
And told all my brothers this love I have bourne
But she is of Asgard, and I of this shore
So here with my brothers I stay

Sing me no songs…

True to this dream like the tale I have told
Close to my heart, a small pouch I still hold
And in it a lock of her hair pure as gold
This I carry to battle this day

Alone by the fire…


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