Shh!! Frivolita

From Angleterra to far Mitraspera
I traveled the towns and the Taverns and bars
Night time would find me in some old Cantina
Singing for copper and playing guitar…

Oft times I’d sing of the loves I have lost here
Oft times I’d sing of the ones I hold dear
Sometimes I’d sit close with some new young sweetheart
Most times I’d just drown my sorrows in beer

But then one night a gambler came in
Sat at a table to play - ay - ee - aye
Out from his duffle he took cards to shuffle
After I saw them I could not look away…

Each of the cards seemed to tell their own story
Each of the cards seemed they’d something to say
Gently I reached out my hand just to touch one
Snarling the gambler just snatched them away….

My pockets were empty no copper to gamble
Sadly I left the room, leaving the game
Out in the warm air of old Mitrasperra
I knew that my life would ne’er be the same

Out in the Tross I stumbled and fell
My head full of Cards and the Ga - aye - ame
To my surprise, Perfume and dark eyes
Out of the darkness there whispered a name
Shh!!!!!! Frivolita!!!!!

What was that name and why did it matter?
Who was the shadow and what did she mean ?
I stumbled into a Tent full of leather
Still mumbling blindly as though in a dream…

Out from the Backroom there came an old Trader
Studied me closely - he stared at me hard
But as I whispered that name that still haunts me
He gave me a package the size of a card….

With trembling hands I peered at the seal
Red as the blood in my heart -
With fear and with hope - a small envelope
And in my hands - just two of her cards..
Sh!!!!!! Frivolita!!!!!

Out in the darkness I clutched my new treasure
Searching for traders who knew of this game
Rumours abounded the Stadtmacht all hounded
The maker of Cards - and I knew her name
Sh!!!!!! Frivolita!!!!!

I thought if I found her, I thought if I meet her
I thought I could somehow discover the rest,
I thought I could greet her this card Senorita
I clutched the two cards I had to my chest
Sh!!!!!! Frivolita!!!!!

And so for days, without luck I sought her
Bribing and dealing and singing my songs
But sadly ‘twas clear that those items so dear
Could no longer be found - the cards had all gone !!!

But as I played in Bad Norderby
A hand on my leg and a card -
She pressed my thigh - a whispered sigh
“You must write a song for her, Bard”
Sh!!!!!! Frivolita!!!!!

So from Anglaterra - to far Mitrasperra
My journey was hard, my quest it was long
Though I’ll never meet her - this is for Frivolita
My “Karte Geschichte” - told in a song…

(c) vollsanger Xmas 2019

Music - EL Paso - Words and arrangement Vollsanger

Mythodea 2019 ... And Vollsanger traveled across the World ..
He searched, but found only two Frivolita Cards, until the last day when he played in the Bad Norderby Bath-house and Bar.
As he sat playing, a beautiful girl sat by him, pressed her hand on his thigh and left an Ace under his palm... She whispered "Write a Song for her, Bard"
She ran away - a blaze of yellow and red, into the Tross...

So this is my Karten Geshichten - My story of the Cards... Sung in a Song... "Shh... Frivolita"






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