Fir Cruthen [ by Fizzwizzle Baneson]

Beware their dodgy underwear
Look out for flying bits of face paint
Their blows may actually connect
But be aware that it was not meant

Fir Cruthen, Fir Cruthen
A bunch of Cjymrian twits
Fir Cruthen, Fir Cruthen
they cannot fight for s**t

Their battle lines are rather loose
Because they're very rarely sober
'f one swings their weapon hard at you
Just duck, they'll probably fall over


Fir cruthen have one saving grace,
They are all very social creatures
But be sure to meet by candlelight,
So darkness will conceal their features


Chorus (dramatic finish)

You may, or may not, recall this little ditty first sung in the year 2001 by a strange little Kender in the Bard's competition. It has been handed from Viper to Viper (and occasionally Lion) to make sure deaths don't cause it to be lost.

(tune Blackadder II - words by Fizzwizzle Baneson
and arrangement Vollsanger
(c) iws 2006






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